Other Arboricultural Services

Tree Related Subsidence

There are two ways in which trees can damage property; volume change of shrinkable clay soils or direct damage, normally of light structures, by direct expansion of stem and roots.

We have training and experience in the field of tree related subsidence and provide reports on trees suspected of damage to property. We work with other professionals to resolve tree related subsidence problems.

Reports Mortgage and Insurance Purposes

Our comprehensive mortgage and Insurance Reports provide a degree of assurance for home buyers, mortgage and insurance companies’ lenders in respect of trees in the vicinity of the property. The reports deal with the impact of the trees on the structural integrity of the property, light structures i.e. walls and patios and tree and health and safety.

Tree Reports in Connection to Litigation and Expert Witness

Andrew Coombes the principle consultant has had training and experience as an expert witness providing arboricultural input into civil and criminal cases concerning trees. He has also provides expert advice at formal planning enquiries.

Tree Pests and Diseases

The impact of newly introduced tree diseases such as ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus), seen below left, is becoming more and more of a threat to our trees. We are able to carry out site visits to address owner's concerns regarding the health and general condition of their trees and provide recommendations for appropriate action. This service is available for both residential tree owners and owners of large tree stocks. Pine Sawfly (Diprion pini) on a mountain pine in a garden seen below on the right.