Woodland Management

Woodland Management Planning

The Woodland Management Plan is an essential first step towards sound forestry management. We have considerable experience in the preparation of woodland management plans for a wide range management aims including wildlife conservation, recreation, landscape, biomass and timber production. We offer a range woodland management services including production forecasting, thinning control and estimates of standing volume for sale purposes.

Forestry Management

For owners of established woodland we offer a complete management service including grant advice, sound silvicultural management, harvesting and marketing woodland produce and timber sales.

Woodland Creation

When planning to plant a new woodland it is increasing important that the species chosen are suitable for the site. Factors such as climate change and the increasing number of introduced pests and diseases must be taken into consideration.

Mistakes made at the design stage may have long term consequences. It is therefore vital that professional advice is obtained from the outset. We are able to provide a comprehensive woodland design and planting service.

Forestry and Woodland Investment

Forest and woodland is an attractive investment opportunity with periodic returns from timber coupled with the prospect of capital growth of the land. There is no tax allowance for expenditure on woodland. However, income from timber sales is also considered to be outside the tax system. For details of the tax status of forestry it is recommended advice is sought from a qualified tax accountant.

Woodland ownership provides a tangible asset that can be enjoyed at a physical and intellectual level. Possible uses include, recreation, educational opportunities, wildlife conservation, reviving traditional woodland crafts and fuel wood production.

The key to successful woodland investment is selecting a suitable property. Often there is very little difference in the freehold value of a wood providing little prospect of return and one that will provide ongoing periodic income. We offer help in the selection, purchase and future management of woodland and forestry investments.